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Wakisa Development Initiative  programs focus on four principal interrelated areas: Health, Education, WASH, Economic opportunities and Protection

Our Values

We Value the Poor, the needy, and the disabled It’s easy to work with the middle class, it’s a lot harder to work with those who have nothing to build on – no education, no family, no job, no land. It also takes longer. But we are dedicated to those in the outskirts, those who are on the fringe of society and often overlooked. We are called to serve the poorest of the poor.

We Value A Holistic Approach to the Person

We agree. And we know that healing doesn’t just address only the soul or only the body. It is important to us that all facets and needs of the human condition are met as we seek to partner with and equip the poor to rise above poverty and find healing.

We Value Peace

We desire to work for peace in all spheres of civil and social life. We are about reconciling those who have acted out in violence against each other.

We Value Sustainability

Our desire is to equip those endeavors of the Ugandan people that will endure and bring broad change for generations. This means we are in it for the long haul and aren’t here to offer band-aid fixes to deep rooted issues. We love the people we serve, and plan to walk alongside them for as long as it takes.

We Value Partnership

We are not top-down leaders. We are bottom-up equippers. We exist to partner with the people of Uganda and support them by providing the out-of-reach resources they need to heal their country.

Our Programs


WDI works with Atlas High school in Gayaza to educate vulnerable children.


WDI assists the understaffed, under-equipped rural health clinic in the refugee communities.


Water Sanitation and Hygiene

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Address:P.O. Box 29893 Kampala -Uganda

Phone: +256703838429 / +256 755 055 054

Email: info@wakisadevelopmentinitiative.org